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LESER extend pressure range for pilot operated safety valve to 6,170 psig / 426 bar

Pilot operated safety valves from LESER now provide the full pressure range which is defined in the API 526Joachim Klaus, managing director of LESER GmbH & Co. KG

LESER is expanding possible applications for their “High Efficiency” product group, now offering the entire pressure range defined in API 526. Other configurations for special applications beyond the API are available. Deliveries will commence in spring 2015.  

“LESER will then provide the full range of pressure ranges for all systems that are specified according to the API, not only with spring-loaded safety valves, but also with pilot-operated ones” explains Joachim Klaus, Chairman of the Board of Management at LESER. “LESER are one of the few manufacturers with a wide range of pilot-operated and spring-loaded safety valves – therefore, we are an interesting supplier for large-scale industrial projects.”

The extended range of the 820 series offers overpressure protection at high back pressures and maximum leak tightness up to the set pressure; it also prevents media losses and protects the environment. Back pressure resistance of up to 70% is important in applications in the oil and gas industry with closed blow-off systems.

Thanks to their robust design, with piping integrated in the cap, they need about 20% less construction room than older models available on the market – an advantage especially in cramped spaces. Compared to spring-loaded valves, they are often lighter and less sensitive to vibrations.

Options and accessories enable application-specific configurations. For example, stellited discs are more suitable at high pressures and elevated temperatures. The use of a nozzle is appropriate for corrosive media.

The comprehensive sealing concept provides optimal tightness adapted to pressure, nominal width and temperature. This includes seals which are resistant to explosive decompression (ED). In the standard version, LESER provide pilot operated safety valves from the factory within 4 weeks.

You can learn more about pilot operated and spring-loaded safety valves, as well as application-based safety solutions from LESER GmbH & Co. KG, at Valve World, Hall 3, Booth 3C65 or at safety valve tutorial.

Technical data of the “High Efficiency” product group
Pressure range: 36-6,170 psig / 2.5-426 bar (3,705-6,170 psig / 256-426 bar starting spring 2015)
Flange pressure ratings:  PN 10-PN 400 (PN 400 starting spring 2015)
Materials: 1.0619, 1.4408

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