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Breaking Ground for the Future

Ground-breaking ceremonyLESER CEO Joachim KlausAnimation of hall extension

LESER takes a next step: The biggest production plant for safety valves in Europe continues to grow. The ground-breaking on the plant site in Hohenwestedt on 30th March marked the starting point for an ambitioned construction project. After round about two years of planning the hall building will be enlarged by around 5,500 square meters within the next months – the majority of the new space will be production and logistics areas.

Besides representatives of the LESER Management also the mayor of Hohenwestedt, Holger Bütecke, and responsible persons of the involved building companies participated in the ground-breaking ceremony.
“The hall expansion is important for improving the sustainability of our company“, said Joachim Klaus, chairman of the Board of Management of LESER. “In constructive and intensive cooperation with the municipality Hohenwestedt we have achieved the precondition for the permission of this expansion”. The total budget amounts to around 7.3 million Euro, the extension shall be finished by end of the year.

The rough 5,000 square meters ground area of the new part of the building directly connect to the existing hall. From the around 5,500 square meters useful area 4,650 sqm are allotted to production and logistics and further 800 sqm are used for offices, sanitary facilities and building technology in a three-story extension. In front of this, 7,000 sqm paving area facilitate e. g. the goods transportation with trucks. Besides, there is room for 90 additional parking bays.

Growth and Innovation
With the project, that has been prepared under the name “ProEvolution“ and with military precision, LESER gets fit for future challenges. “Within a short time it sets the course for further growth and innovation until 2022 and furthermore, it provides a long-term plant development plan for the German LESER location Hohenwestedt“, said the Project Manager Christopher Bückner.
Short ways in the production, perfect positioning of machines and assembling places, ideal connection to dispatch and logistics: efficiency is the key note of the new hall. Numerous LESER departments have been involved in the planning process to achieve ideal solutions for all production steps.

The last big plant extension in Hohenwestedt dates back eight years. Since then the company has a total production area of 16,000 square meters and secured the superlative “biggest production plant for safety valves in Europe”. But also that capacity reached more and more its limits. The production of new products, the realization of new product configurations and quality features as well as the continuous development of production concepts using innovative technologies require imperatively more room. The new hall concept provides the necessary relief and at the same time builds a bridge into the future.
“With this, we combine under one umbrella the very different requirements of our customers to our delivery times and the follow-up of their orders in the production flow – and we can better react to dynamic market developments”, said LESER’s Managing Director Joachim Klaus. At the same time the company shows its strong commitment to the location Hohenwestedt.

Watch the current works with our webcam: http://www.leser.com/aktuelles/leser-hallenerweiterung-hohenwestedt 

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