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Signaling effect for international markets – LESER is prequalified at Chevron

Pointed out by Chevron: the integrated quality assurance: Here hydrostatic pressure test

From now on, LESER is admitted as supplier to the Approved Vendors List (AVL) at the worldwide operating energy company Chevron and can now supply future Chevron projects with safety valves.

Mid 2017 an audit team consisting of members of the Flare and Relief Systems and Quality Assurance Team of Chevron carried out an assessment of LESER concerning its organizational and process-related capabilities as well as the product features, also in comparison with the competition.

Regarding the production, the modern factory with its deep vertical range of manufacture, the integration of quality assurance into production processes as well as the large stock allowing short delivery times were pointed out as strengths during the audit.

The quality management system already conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001-2015 and ASME Section VIII Division 1. LESER was certified having established a mature system which is most suitable for the global direction of the organization. Also the engagement of the employees and their strong commitment for the quality of the processes and products were positively assessed.

Also the ASME certified test lab and the options to test safety valves with steam, gas and liquids as well as under cryogenic conditions were highlighted.

The positive audit results coming along with the prequalification were now officially communicated to LESER.

“We are proud that the audit was such a success and that we are seen by Chevron as qualitatively high-class manufacturer”, says Jörg Windmüller, Head of Quality Management. “The admission to the AVL is a big chance for us, and at the same time an incentive to consequently follow our successful way of continuous improvement of LESER’s quality system.”

For LESER, this prequalification can have a signaling effect as it provides new possibilities for cooperation worldwide. It is of high importance that LESER as safety valve manufacturer is now allowed to supply to Chevron, one of the biggest oil companies in the world.

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