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LESER Original Spare Parts Kits for safety valves

LESER spare parts

How can the handling and logistics of spare parts for the maintenance of a safety valve be optimized? Do you always know exactly which replacement parts are required for the maintenance and where a certain spare part is installed? Get to know the LESER Spare Parts Kits. 

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What is a LESER Spare Parts Kit?

LESER Spare Parts Kits contain all components that are recommended for the regular maintenance of LESER safety valves. Each part is packaged separately and clearly labeled. LESER Spare Part Kits also include detailed instructions for identifying and allocating each part. The comprehensive manual Maintenance provides additional instructions including photo documentations for all LESER product categories and safety valve types.

What advantages do LESER spare part kits offer over individual parts orders?

Feature Benefit
Clearer: The Spare Parts Kit provides all the spare parts recommended by LESER to be replaced during the regular maintenance of a safety valve. It minimizes the risk of ordering wrong parts.
Better: Easy maintenance through the clear labelling of parts. The Spare Parts Kit reduces the variety of parts at stock.
Easier: One article number reduces the effort and time of ordering
Rapid availability: The Spare Parts Kits are available within 72 hours ex works Hohenwestedt/Germany or in even less time from one of our many stocks worldwide.
Cost effective: Kits are less expensive than the sum of the individual parts

For which LESER safety valves can I buy LESER spare part kits?

API High Efficiency High Performance Compact Performance Modulate Action
Type 526 Type 811 Type 441, 442 DIN Type 459 Type 427, 429
  Type 821 Type 441, 442 ANSI Type 462, 462 HDD Type 431, 433
    Type 441, 442 DIN Full Nozzle    
    Type 441, 442 ANSI Full Nozzle    

For detailed information on each LESER Spare Parts Kits please check out our brochure “Spare Parts Kits”.

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