Training 3
LESER válvula de seguridad  Seminario 5 Etapa

Training 3: Sizing and calculation of safety valves - Expert training

Select safety valves in technically complex plant situations. Use the VALVESTAR® sizing program to calculate back pressure, viscous media and two-phase flow using construction examples in compliance with legal requirements. The training is based on the "Basic Safety Valve Training".

This training is targeted to designers, plant engineers, product managers, experts for pipeline and valves and sales partners of LESER.

Use the training package from Training 1 (Basic Training Safety Valves) and Training 3 (Sizing and calculation of safety valves - Expert training) and get yourself the combined price of 750.00 €.

The seminars will be held in German language.

Training facts

1.5 Days

Training duration

Training hours

Number of attendees

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Training location 

LESER Chatroom

Demonstration plant for overpressure protection with safety valves in the LESER Kontor in Hamburg, Germany. 


Fecha Lugares libres Estado
29/04/2021 - 30/04/2021 verfügbar/available Reserva ahora
11/11/2021 - 12/11/2021 verfügbar/available Reserva ahora


Module 1 - Welcome to LESER

  • Welcome
  • Safety instruction
  • Key figures
  • Kontor tour
  • LESER Museum 1818
  • Chatroom Introduction
  • Product Exhibition Guided Tour

Module 8 - Sizing and Calculation Advanced

  • Selection of safety valves
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Calculation and design examples
    • Valve selection
  • Calculation with VALVESTAR
    • Structure and function of VALVESTAR
    • Project calculation
    • Documentation
  • Extended sizing calculations
    • Backpressure, Inlet pressure loss, …

Module 9 - Sizing and Calculation Expert

  • Special sizing calculations
    • Design of viscous media
    • Design of two-phase flow
    • Design of fire case