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First delivery of Type 441 XXL

After the new High Performance 441 XXL Safety Valve has successfully passed the initial sample test, the pressure tightness test and the trial assembly, the first safety valve in the new cast design has been delivered to the customer Air Liquide Europe*. The 441 XXL Safety Valve, which is made of WCB in the size DN 250 x DN 350, is used there to safeguard a nitrogen application in a production plant for technical gases.


The 441 XXL Safety Valve in cast design in steel and stainless steel offers the following advantages:

  • For the standard configuration, delivery time is reduced to eight weeks.
  • Valve selection is made easier. Overlaps within the High Performance series are eliminated.
  • The cost advantage is passed on to customers as a reduced list price, and many options are also available at no extra cost.
  • Project handling is simplified by the elimination of welding-relevant tests.

Further information can be found here:

Type 441 XXL