LESER LNG Training Break Report
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LESER LNG Training Break Report

LESER válvula de segurança  para LNG Aplicaçãoen
LESER API safety valve under cryogenic temperatures
LESER LNG Training Break shows with live testing how Pilot Operated Safety Valves POSVs protect the entire gas supply value chain and reduce emissions. One of the energy sources and fuels for the near future is Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG. To gain flexibility and independence from pipeline systems the liquefaction of natural gas is getting more and more important. With the independence from pipelines it will also gain independence in the international gas market.
In addition, LNG is a more environmentally friendly fuel for shipping. LNG safety valves are used in liquefaction, regasification, transportation and also in so-called dual-fuel engines. 
LESER offers safety valves for the entire LNG value chain that are designed for the cryogenic temperatures and pressures encountered. The gas supply of LNG dual-fuel marine engines can also be ensured with our safety valves.
LNG Trainer
Trainer Marc Oerding and Product Manager Hendrik Wormuth

LESER Training Break was organized to explain how LESER Safety Valves meet these demanding requirements - given by the entire value chain from liquefaction, shipping, storage to regasification. For this purpose, in addition to the theoretical part, a practical part with a live test was carried out on our test lab in Hohenwestedt. During this test, the participants were able to convince themselves of the function of one of our safety valves under cryogenic temperature. 

The webinar was all about how LESER Cryo Pilot operated safety valves are developed for LNG operations. Watch the recording to see the live switching between our two locations and the test.

LNG Auswertung
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Report - LESER LNG Training Break

With a success of 560 registration of which 301 participated for the Live LESER Training Break for LNG throughout the world. From Asia and Germany ⅓ of the total registrations participated live, and in America and Europe ⅔ participated live. In addition, there were 160 YouTube views and 29 Video views of non-participants who registered but did not attend the live session.

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Download a PDF with the main information from the session.