LESER apprenticeships
Азубис Трепп

Commercial trades in Hamburg

Industrial clerk (m/f/d)

During this versatile training, the commercial and business management tasks cover all functions of a company. They are known as "all-rounders among business people" because they can work in the core commercial functions of marketing and sales, procurement and stockpiling, invoicing and personnel as well as in connection with other specialist departments and projects. They have skills in communication, cooperation, moderation and presentation. You solve problems and make team, process and project-oriented decisions.

Vocational school:

  • Vocational School for Economics Hamburg Eimsbüttel  
  • Block teaching (5-6 teaching blocks) 

Training duration: 2,5 to 3 years

Management assistant for office management (m/f/d)

In this apprenticeship you can look forward to varied and modern tasks, which take into account the sometimes very different office work in the various branches of industry and companies. Your tasks here include various office activities. From bookkeeping, accounting and customer communication to secretarial tasks, everything is included.  

Vocational school:

  • "Berufliche Schule City Nord" At least two of the ten elective qualifications are specified upon conclusion of the training contract. Each of these qualifications has a duration of five months and forms a company   focus.
  • Weekly instruction   

Training duration: 2 to 3 years