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LESER Delivery time promise - Two million configurations in two weeks

When will the safety valve be delivered? LESER now answers this crucial question in a completely new way. Short, reliable and consistent:

Icon GDTP  This is the new LESER delivery time promise. 

LESER has set itself the task of shortening and standardizing its delivery times. LESER News has already reported on this several times. From now on, LESER gives a delivery time promise for almost all products from its plant in Hohenwestedt. It means: short, reliable and uniform.

LESER offers its customers a delivery time of two weeks ex works, or three weeks for the Clean Service product group. Only a few combinations have longer delivery times. This means that over 80% of the safety valves ordered are delivered with the promise offered.

Customers can independently determine the delivery time for the desired configuration at a glance. This is because LESER presents the offered delivery times transparently for all standardized product configurations - clearly and graphically. 

Optimized processes and high inventory levels

The basis for this is the so-called Assembly-To-Order (ATO) process. With this production strategy, the assembly of the valve can begin immediately after receipt of the order. This is because all the necessary parts are prefabricated and available in the warehouse. Already today, the stock of raw material and prefabricated components exceeds 20 million euros. But that's not all: LESER has examined all configurations step by step, built up inventories in a targeted manner, adapted processes and developed simple delivery time statements in order to ultimately be able to serve even more variants with the ATO concept.

The LESER delivery time promise is and will remain a central component of the strategy and will be continuously developed further. With the processes introduced, delivery times can be continuously monitored, evaluated and further adjusted as required. The advantage for all customers: more planning security through short and reliable delivery times.
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