Binzagr Facility

LESER News | Binzagr Local production of POSV approved by Saudi Aramco

LESER Binzagr facility in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia is now approved by Saudi Aramco to supply pilot operated safety valves. This means that LESER Binzagr can now supply Saudi Aramco with its complete product range from its local production facility (Saudi Aramco Plant ID# 30005458).
In Feb 2019, the National Board had audited the local plant for pilot operated safety valves and awarded the ASME/UV approval. This was a prerequisite for the approval by Saudi Aramco. 

"The quality and technical audit went off without any complaints," says Tajwar Shaikh, Sales & Market Developer at LESER in Bahrain. "It shows that we offer the same high quality that our customers expect.


The plant in Al Jubail is operated by LESER's exclusive Saudi partner Binzagr International Trading Company, one of Saudi Arabia's leading oil and gas suppliers and has a well-stocked warehouse with over 300 LESER safety valves and spare parts and spare kits. Within one week safety valves for many different industrial applications, especially in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, can be delivered from this stock.

LESER has already delivered a considerable number of pilot operated safety valves for Saudi Aramco projects in recent years. This includes about 200 POSV for the Fadhili Gas Plant Project and the Jazan Refinery Project. These were delivered from the LESER production facility in Hohenwestedt, which also holds Saudi Aramco approval.

With this approval, LESER can now offer all safety valve packages for Saudi Aramco projects from the local production facility. This also increases the IKTVA points. The "in-Kingdom Total Value Add Program" (IKTVA) is a program created by Saudi Aramco to identify, measure and support value creation in Saudi Arabia.