LESER News Delivery time for product group Critical Service
Delivery time for Critical Service

Two weeks delivery time for product group Critical Service

LESER now delivers safety valves of the product group Critical Service in two weeks delivery time ex LESER factory Hohenwestedt.

Short, reliable and uniform: the LESER delivery time promise now also applies to Critical Service safety valves Type 447. LESER has thus taken the next step towards simplifying and standardizing the delivery times of its product groups.

Lieferzeit Critical Service
Overview delivery time Critical Service

By expanding the assembly-to-order process, LESER can offer all Critical Service valves in two weeks from the Hohenwestedt factory. Only a few individual options may slightly extend the delivery time.

You can also look forward to upcoming delivery time improvements for the remaining product portfolio. Soon, the delivery times for API safety valves will also be: short, reliable and consistent.