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BioNTech Marburg says thank you

At the end of March, the time had come: after only five months of construction and technology transfer, the BioNTech plant in Marburg received approval from the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Since then, batches of COVID-19 vaccine have been produced there. By the end of June, 250 million vaccine doses are planned and another 500 million by the end of the year. When fully operational, the company says it will be able to produce up to one billion doses of the vaccine annually. This would make the plant one of the largest mRNA vaccine production facilities in the world.

BioNTech thanks all of its partners, public agencies and regional authorities, service providers and suppliers who contributed to the successful opening of the plant.

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LESER Clean Service
The inside of an LESER Type 483

LESER also contributed to the speedy completion of the plant. Within four days, LESER delivered seven Type 483 safety valves with HyClean surfaces and special connections, adapted to the needs of a COVID-19 vaccine production plant. LESER Clean Service Safety Valves are characterized by their easy cleaning and simple process integration.

In the USA, LESER has also supported the production of a COVID-19 vaccine by delivering 13 valves of the Clean Service Series 483 to North America within a few days. This was done in close cooperation with LESERs partner Galloup (Smith Instrument).

If you want to know more about the functioning and special features of Clean Service Valves, have a look at the LESER Training Break:

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