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Train the Trainer – LESER China

The training area experienceLESER imparts expert knowledge on overpressure protection with safety valves for interested parties, customers, partners and employees of LESER. A wide infrastructure is available at the LESER Kontor for knowledge transfer, such as the LESER Chatroom demonstration facility, the product exhibition, modern training rooms and the LESER Museum 1818.

In the last year, ten different knowledge modules have been developed. These modules contain training contents according to the latest didactic and media aspects.

In addition to the transfer of knowledge to interested parties, customers and partners, experienceLESER pursues the goal of establishing a worldwide trainer network. The subsidiary in China is currently being trained according to the "Train the Trainer" principle. In a specially designed training concept, up to ten employees are trained over several months. These employees are responsible as experts for the different knowledge modules and will carry out their own training of the staff on site. The training will be broadcast live with the camera system from the LESER chat room. Another focus is to promote the technical trainers' own knowledge exchange among themselves. For this purpose, a team of trainers was set up with the help of "Microsoft Teams". This simplifies daily communication and the transfer of training materials.


Here you will find the training programs offered by LESER:

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