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Change-over Valve combination with an angular transmission

LESER has developed a specialized Change-over Valve combination that can withstand extreme climatic conditions. It is a lockable combination of safety valves with one change-over valve each at the inlet and outlet of the safety valve.

A chain has proven to be the most economical solution for synchronous switching of the two change-over valves. However, more robust solutions are required for certain environmental conditions. Arctic climates are such a special case. To withstand snow and ice, angular gearboxes with a fixed shaft are used here for power transmission. Compensation for possible mounting tolerances between the change-over valves is achieved by using a metal bellows coupling. Especially in the Russian market, there is from time to time a demand for such a solution, which is also resistant to permafrost.

The LESER Change-over Valve offers an economical solution for safe and efficient plant availability 24/7. With the help of extensive flow tests and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations, a flow-optimized design with minimal pressure loss was developed. Each configuration and combination of these change-over valves has a defined resistance coefficient, which enables reliable and precise calculation of the inlet pressure loss with the respective safety valves.

Change-over Valves in pendulum design ensure:

  • Low pressure losses when blowing off the safety valve (3% criterion)
  • Release of the full flow path in any position during the change-over process
  • The most economical solution because an optimum selection can be made for each application
  • Easy change-over while the system is running, regardless of whether a chain or angular gear transmission is used


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