LESER The Company current status

LESER The Company printed brochures are now available in 12 variants. For each LESER subsidiary, its variant has already been shipped by air freight. In Germany, over 1,000 additional brochures will be distributed directly to LESER customers this week. 

How do I get the copies I need? 

LESER The Company can be ordered via the LESER Toolbox Online for Marketing (TOM) or from your local LESER subsidiary in the quantity you require. 

Is there a digital version?

In contrast to the printed version, the PDF is optimized for 16:9 screen format and has a larger font size. The QR codes have been replaced with links to digitally familiar buttons for better usability. The product pages that fold out in the printed version are split into two consecutive pages for a larger display. 

For digital presentation of LESER at customer visits, please find the PDF here:

Download here

What is the best way to use LESER The Company?

Whether it's during an in-person visit, an online meeting, or by mail, LESER The Company can be used on any occasion. If given the opportunity, a digital presentation followed by a printed brochure with a personal cover letter and appropriate business cards is the first choice.

Take advantage of the opportunity to place the personal cover letter and their business cards in the holder provided in the envelope. This completes the picture and creates trust in you and the LESER brand.