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Technical Training - Become a safety valve expert now!

Do you want to expand your knowledge in safety valve technology? You want to plan and operate your plant in an efficient way? You want to further qualify your maintenance team? For engineers, experts or career changers, LESER offers the ideal training in safety valve technology.

Get detailed knowledge in nine modules: From an introduction to overpressure protection to the operation and maintenance of safety valves and the sizing of complex technical requirements - expand your know-how now!

Technically precise, practice-oriented, interesting and with modern training methods, LESER offers a wide range of training courses. With application examples, cutaway models and individual parts, the technology of safety valves is explained in a practical way. In the LESER Chatroom the functions of the different safety valves are demonstrated live. You will assemble, disassemble and test safety valves. In Hohenwestedt you will experience Europe's largest production of safety valves.

 Live Online Training  

Live Online Training = Location-independent and time-bound
The live online trainings are broadcast live from our demonstration facility, the LESER Chatroom.

 Online course  

Online course = independent of time and place
In the online courses, you can expand your technical knowledge independently at any time. 



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