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Spare parts for your LESER Safety Valve

Original spare parts from LESER guarantee that your LESER safety valve reliably fulfils its task of protecting people, equipment and the environment also after maintenance. Use the Spare Part Search to quickly and easily find the right LESER spare part for your individual LESER safety valve. The search results will provide you with an overview of the possible spare parts. LESER recommends the LESER Spare Parts Kits for the API, High Efficiency, High Performance, Compact Performance, and Modulate Action product groups. For all other product groups, LESER would be pleased to make you an individual offer for the initial spare parts equipment.

This is what you do

Enter a combination of serial number and article number and the spare parts for your individual safety valve are directly listed (e.g.: serial number: 10202021, article number: 4411.4443). The serial and article numbers can be found on the safety valve’s nameplate or on the Certificate for Global Application, which you can download at CERTIFICATES.

Please note:
At the moment, spare parts can only be listed for safety valves assembled at the Hohenwestedt factory (Germany). For spare parts for LESER safety valves produced or assembled at other LESER locations, please contact your local contact.

A number of items are assemblies that include one or more of the items below. LESER recommends ordering the entire assembly as a spare part.

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Your local contact person will support you with all questions concerning the safety valve.

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