Digital ID - Upgrade your safety valve

Digitale ID for your safety valve: Upgrade now!

The "LESER Digital ID" provides access to the digital information of a safety valve, quickly and directly on the valve. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel tag with a lasered QR code provides access to all digital information of the LESER Safety Valve.

You have already installed LESER Safety Valves and would like to use the advantages of the LESER Digital ID?

The Digital ID is available for new safety valves, but also for already installed safety valves. Valves delivered after 2005 can be retrofitted with the Digital ID. The Digital ID is an additional corrosion-proof stainless steel tag with a lasered QR code. This provides you with all available digital information about your safety valve quickly and directly on the valve. Save yourself the trouble of searching for documents.

Upgrade your safety valve in only 3 steps:

1. Attach the Digital ID to your LESER Safety Valve
2. Scan the QR code
Enter the serial number and type of your safety valve

You would like to know how to proceed correctly with Digital ID? We explain it to you; Watch video now

More information about the Digital ID for your safety valve.

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