Design Engineering

Design Engineering

Safety valves have to fulfil the highest requirements, including tightness. For this reason, the products have to be continuously further developed.

The technical department is located here in the building. This is where new ideas are born and recorded.
Tablero de dibujo
Refrigerant Valve

Drawing board

Technical designers and engineers previously used a drawing board to create technical drawings of safety valves. The drawing board was largely replaced in the 1990s by computers with appropriate software and frequently specially adapted input devices (Computer Aided Design (CAD)).

In the photo you can see Erich Clauß, our longtime head of the technical department.

Drawing board

Erich Clauß

equipo de dibujo
Compass box

Technical drawing instruments

The drawing board was supplemented by different technical drawing instruments. Here you can see a compass box from the year 1950 and some circle stencils from about 1960, as well as a calculating disc for the calculation of safety valves and various stamps for the administration of drawings from 1970.
The calculating disc was the predecessor of our current calculation program VALVESTAR®.

Drawing instruments

Different stamps