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Adjusting ring Standardization for Type 526

At the end of September LESER launched two new adjusting ring cast patterns as an option for Type 526 in Orifices D,E and F for the material A351 CF3M / A351 CF8M / 1.4408. 

LESER is thus acting in line with increasing quality and traceability requirements by our customers and the market.
This patterns allow heat identification by the supplier on these casted parts. The existing patterns do not offer this possibility.
Heat identification offers the possibility of assigning test results from a 3.1 material certificate to the respective component. In most regulatory requirements, such as ASME and CE, this is only prescribed for pressure containing parts.
At the same time, LESER can avoid more expensive manufacturing processes, such as manufacturing from bar materials. These are often used as an alternative, since LESER bars are always available with 3.1 material certificates and therefore traceable.

With the 3-fold certification with A351 CF3M / A351 CF8M / 1.4408 LESER creates in the same step a cast alternative for customers with the requirement to use adjusting rings made of SA-479 316L. This material is frequently chosen due to the  lower carbon content. The option of the 3-times certified material is available throughout for the entire Type 526, but only new casting patterns had to be built for small rings.