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Level 1.0: Compact Performance Alloy Concept, Type 437

Compact Performance Alloy Concept - clear and simple

LESER has simplified the Alloy Concept for Compact Performance safety valves. It now corresponds to the Alloy Concept for API safety valves. Valve configurations for high alloys can thus be carried out identically for both product groups.. This makes it easier for the customer to order and for LESER to configure the safety valve.

Level 5.0: Compact Performance Alloy Concept, Type 459

Currently, order processing for Compact Performance safety valves at LESER is done as a special order. The next step will be to standardize the configurations and reduce delivery times. The goal is also to reduce costs in order processing and pass this advantage on to customers.

Due to the currently exploding prices on the raw material markets (e.g. nickel price), the prices for High Alloy safety valves stated in the price list are unfortunately obsolete. We kindly ask you to contact LESER for High Alloy safety valves in general until further notice.

For further information on the Compact Performance Alloy Concept, please refer to the current complete price list from page 260f. and page 276f.