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The new LESER Project Assembly production line

LESER's project business has grown steadily in recent years. Projects, which account for about one third of the sales volume, differ from day-to-day business by a larger number of valves and individual customer specifications.Today, projects such as Karbala, about which you were informed in the last LESER News, or other major projects with a volume of more than one million euros are handled regularly.

To meet these requirements, LESER segmented the final assembly into two separate lines: one for the project business and another for the day-to-day business with a high volume Toprunner Assembly. With an investment of seven million euro and 5,500 m² of additional production space, the project was the largest investment in the Hohenwestedt factory to date.

The advantages of the Project Assembly line are:

  • Customers benefit from the separation of processes. Shorter processing times in day-to-day business, improved adherence to delivery dates and the possibility for LESER to react more quickly to changing requirements in projects.
  • There can be direct communication between customers, the LESER Project Manager (ProM) and the production line. This ensures efficient processing through continuous communication.
  • Project-specific logistics areas at the assembly line and in the "Project inspection area" offer flexible areas, so that each project order receives exactly the space it needs in the various phases of project execution.
  • LESER can carry out acceptance tests requested by the customer directly in the Project Assembly line on the basis of the agreed inspection test plan (ITP). All necessary tests, from component testing to intermediate testing to final or packaging testing, can be carried out directly in the presence of the inspector nominated by the customer. 
  • Test equipment placed along the material flow line or mobile allows the project execution team to perform tests quickly, transparently and directly on the production line.
  • New office and meeting rooms in the immediate vicinity of the production and acceptance areas ensure visibility and short distances for all project participants. Specialization also enables employees to identify with "their" projects. 

Due to the separation from the Toprunner Assembly line, there is no longer any influence on day-to-day business in the assembly of safety valves. 

The LESER project execution experts contribute their experience from the manufacture of around 25,000 safety valves in more than 1,000 projects per year. In this way, they offer project customers optimum conditions for successful implementation.