Notícias do LEITOR

LESER GmbH & Co. KG acquires LESER Poland

LESER Poland was acquired by LESER in April 2021. With the acquisition, LESER Poland is a 100% subsidiary of LESER and in total the ninth LESER subsidiary worldwide. The aim is to expand the service for all Polish customers.

The worldwide LESER sales network consists of subsidiaries in the USA, China, India, Brazil, Singapore, Bahrain, France, Russia and now Poland.  Sales partners in over 100 countries and more than 150 service partners (LESER Authorized Repair Centers - LARC) complete the network. LESER thus covers all markets for industrial safety valves.

LESER sales and service partners receive intensive training and are closely linked to the LESER information and consulting network.  This is a prerequisite for being able to sell a product that is relevant for plant safety, such as the safety valve, which must always be adapted to the respective plant conditions through individual design and configuration. In addition, a LESER subsidiary offers further advantages, in Poland these are:

  • Sales support
  • Certification according to the worldwide LESER quality cluster

LESER Poland has its headquarters in Poznan with more than 10 employees. In Poznan, there is a workshop for the adjustment and maintenance of safety valves as well as a warehouse for the supply of spare parts needed at short notice. The sales department includes all services necessary for safety valve sizing and consulting. LESER Poland thus offers its customers the full range of services for the selection, adjustment, maintenance and repair of safety valves.