A theme - more than a picture

200 years of LESER - From a brass foundry to one of the world's leading manufacturers of safety valves. The anniversary accompanied LESER the whole year 2018 and was celebrated together with its customers on a number of occasions. Something very special was created on the employee party.
The idea - the LESER employees not only celebrate a birthday party on the same day at all LESER locations worldwide, but also paint a picture together, even though it is distributed worldwide. What initially seemed absurd was prepared with the precision of a LESER safety valve: six individual topics were selected for LESER 200, the overall picture was structured with 2,484 individual panels, a detailed tutorial was written and selected employees were trained in the LESER companies.
In June it was time for the LESER employees to meet at the worldwide locations for an employee party. Some of the 800 invited employees and partners in Hamburg were probably a bit surprised when they were asked to wear overalls over their party outfits despite the midsummer temperatures.
Actually, they had come to the spectacular Hamburg event location Schuppen 52 to celebrate. 
And now this: Under the motto "LESER 200" everyone was invited to give free rein to their artistic imagination on a small board and to paint a part of the worldwide picture. Always keeping the overall picture in mind, a lot of communication with his up to nine neighbours was required.
Piece by piece, the individual panels were assembled in Hamburg to form an overall picture with an impressive size of 10.80 by 5.40 metres. The classic LESER colours unconsciously stood out.
Then came the big surprise: Parallel to the Hamburg artists, as here in Brazil, the employees at all LESER locations worldwide had their own stamp impressed on their panels. The results of the individual locations were not only digitally combined, but also commented on with live broadcasts.
In the end, a common work of art was created - painted locally by hand and digitally connected worldwide. The impressive LESER portrait, consisting of 2,484 individual panels, also indirectly stands for everyday life at LESER, in which everyone contributes to the success story of the company at his or her place.
We now find the overall picture in many places in our LESER everyday life, as well as on the LESER Christmas card or the wall calendar 2019. The local originals hang, as here at LESER India, meanwhile at the worldwide LESER locations.