пульт дистанционного управления LESER

LESER Remote Inspection

Digital services of various kinds have experienced enormous growth due to the current situation. Skype, Microsoft teams, telemedicine solutions and other digital products have become indispensable for many companies to continue their business activities overnight due to travel and contact restrictions. LESER has recently started offering its customers a digital solution that has become especially important now, but will also become increasingly important in the future: LESER Remote Inspection.

With LESER Remote Inspection, customers can carry out acceptance tests on the valves they have ordered without being on site at a LESER production facility. This not only makes it easier to continue working, but also saves travel expenses, working time and the costs of hiring independent inspectors. 

This is made possible by an IT infrastructure that was set up at LESER in the summer of 2019 and has been continuously developed since then. This infrastructure includes the "Visual Interaction" portal (vi.leser.com), an application for Android and iOS end devices.

A remote inspection of LESER takes place similar to a classic acceptance test, accompanied by a colleague from the Inspection Service Center and the workers responsible for the individual test steps. During the remote inspection, the inspection attendant wears video data glasses that record his field of vision and transmit the image and sound live to the vi.leser.com platform. 

Customer inspectors receive personalized access data to the platform before the inspection and can thus access the password-protected inspection session. There they can follow the inspection live, communicate with the LESER employee and other inspectors via integrated audio conference, download provided documents (e.g. inspection plan, valve drawings, etc.) and save photo and video recordings. Other interesting features are: a chat with translation function, a notes function and an automatically generated inspection report that can be retrieved at the end of the session.
The success of the service can already be illustrated with a few figures:
  • In calendar week 16 (April 14-16, 2020) a total of eight customer appointments were carried out in the Inspection Service Center as remote inspections, three of them with factory tours and five final inspections. 
  • After this service has been successfully launched at the LESER plant in Hohenwestedt, further production and assembly locations of LESER are to be equipped with the video smart glasses.


Learn more about Remote Inspection in the video:
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