The new LESER project assembly line

In recent years, LESER’s project business has seen strong growth. Today, LESER executes projects like Karbala where you have read about in the last LESER News or other projects with volumes of more than one million Euros on a regular basis. Projects, which account for about one-third of LESER’s sales vol¬ume, differ from day-to-day business in the larger number of valves, and non-standard customer specifications.

To meet these requirements, LESER segmented the final assembly into two separate lines – a Project Assembly line and a day-to-day business line with a Toprunner Assembly for high volumes. With an investment of €7 million and the creation of 5,500 m² of extra production floor the project was LESER’s biggest in¬vestment in Hohenwestedt to date.
The main benefits of the project assembly line are:

  • From the separate, focused processes, benefit all customers by cutting lead times in the daily business, improving on-time delivery, and allowing LESER to respond to changing requirements in projects more rapidly.
  • LESER can maintain a direct line of commu¬nication between the customer, the LESER Project Manager (ProM) and the production line. This ensures efficient communication and execution.
  • Project-specific logistic areas at the assembly line and the project inspection area provide flexible space so that every project order has exactly the amount it needs during the different project execution phases.
  • LESER can perform by the customer requested acceptance checks directly at the project produc¬tion line based on the agreed Inspection Test Plan (ITP). All required tests, from individual component checks and intermediate tests through to final or packaging inspections are performed directly in the presence of the inspector appoint-ed by the customer. Testing equipment placed along the material flow line and mobile testing equipment allows the project execution team to arrange tests rapidly, transparently and easily, directly at the production line.
  • New office and meeting rooms located in the immediate vicinity of the production and acceptance areas ensure visibility as well as short distances for all parties involved in a project. What is more, this spatial proximity and special¬ization help employees truly identify with each project.

The LESER project execution experts contribute experience gained from building roughly 25,000 safety valves in more than 1.000 projects annually, offering project customer’s optimum conditions for successful project implementation.
All this, while not influencing the daily business in the Safety Valve assembly because of the separated Toprunner Assembly line for shortest delivery times.