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Uncommon price increase as of October 1st, 2021

As already announced, LESER will increase its prices by 3.9% as of October 1st, 2021. Previously issued offers without this increase will remain valid until the expiration of the stated offer validity.

This mid-year increase is being taken for the first time and is due to the special situation that has arisen in the international markets as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact was initially limited to actually maintaining the supply chains' ability to deliver. However, as the duration of this exceptional global situation increased, it became increasingly clear that it would have a lasting impact on the availability and therefore also the prices of raw materials. Thanks to long-term supplier contracts, LESER has so far been able to cushion some of these additional costs. However, due to the now foreseeable sustainability of this development, this is no longer possible in the long term. All LESER suppliers are equally affected by this.

Not only material costs are rising, but also the logistics industry is currently increasing its prices. The rates for international freight in container shipping have in some cases increased by more than five times and an end to this development is not yet in sight.

However, the LESER supply chain continues to function smoothly at present. Thanks to proactive risk management and the storage capacities kept in reserve, LESER continues to be fully capable of delivering. Requests for short delivery times can also be realized.

LESER continues to focus on transparency in order to be a reliable partner for you. We remain hopeful that the global situation will calm down soon.

Under the link below you will find a document on how to handle the uncommon price increase.

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