LESER finalizes large-scale orders for Karbala refinery project

Karbala refinery

In 2015, LESER received orders for all three Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) packages. After four years of advanced planning and many ground and infrastructure works as well as the construction of some core components, LESER was able to finalize the negotiations.

The order volume increased by 438 safety valves to 1,574 safety valves and from € 2.3 million to over € 4.2 million.

The plant consists of a total of three core areas, which have been divided into individual EPC packages. A joint venture led by Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HEC) with GS Engineering & Construction and SK Engineering & Construction from South Korea was awarded the EPC contract to build the refinery in April 2013. GS EC is responsible for the chemical equipment including vacuum distillation plants, while SK EC is responsible for the supply. The Hyundai subsidiaries provide the oil processing equipment.

Newly built project assembly segment in the Hohenwestedt factory (Germany) 

Construction of the Karbala oil refinery, some 100 kilometers from the Iraqi capital Baghdad, began as early as February 2014. The refinery, which will be built on a 6 km² site, will produce liquefied petroleum gas, petrol, heating oil, kerosene and asphalt in accordance with international standards equivalent to European production. The plant will have a refining capacity of 140,000 barrels of crude oil per day (bpd) in 2019 and will serve the growing domestic demand for oil in Iraq with a total investment of $6.04 billion.

This huge and challenging project shows the capabilities of LESER to handle world scale green field projects all over the globe. Especially the newly built project assembly segment in the Hohenwestedt factory is the matching addition to the already 2014 built Engineered order management (EOM) team, where a dedicated project manager is assigned for every order.