Global campaign launch of the pilot-operated safety valve

The pilot-operated safety valve is an important component in the LESER product family. To further publicize the advantages of the valve, LESER launched the communication campaign for the pilot-operated safety valve in February.

Since its launch, the product campaign has already reached over 70,000 customers and interested parties in the USA, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Korea and Germany.

The Marketing Team communicates via social media posts, customer mailings and ads on Google and YouTube. The respective channel directs the interested user to a landing page specially created for the product campaign.

On the landing page for the pilot-operated safety valve, the interested party receives a comprehensive information package. In addition to our product video, the landing page offers a list of reference customers, an overview of advantages and a case study of the "height-reduced" version of the pilot-operated safety valve. In addition, the user can contact LESER or request the current whitepaper. 

to the landingpage

The free white paper "When it makes sense to equip systems with pilot-operated safety valves" provides information on how pilot-operated safety valves work as well as their advantages and limitations.

You too can use the white paper and information to start a conversation with your customers and interested parties.

Download here