LESER Update May 2022
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LESER Change-over Valves in the oil- and grease-free version

In order to be able to cover an even wider portfolio of applications with the LESER Change-over Valve, the oil and grease free version, option code J92, has been standardized. Change-over valves in oil and grease-free design can be ordered in the standard delivery time +2 weeks. In this version, the change-over valves go through the same audited and proven process as LESER Safety Valves. The assembly of the oil- and grease-free versions takes place in the LESER Cleanroom, which has been set up especially for this purpose. 

LESER Change-over Valves are cleaned in this separate area according to a tested process. After a logistics and cleanliness lock, one enters the actual cleanroom. Here, each working material is specially cleaned and marked with a yellow sticker. All components are cleaned in a multi-stage process with washing and ultrasonic cleaning. A special test bench for the LESER Change-over Valves and an integrated low-floor test bench for large valves enable the assembly of the entire LESER product range. Each individual part is additionally tested with UV light to ensure that it is free of oil and grease. The entire cleaning process is subject to strict quality assurance with validated results that can be confirmed with a 3.1 certificate if required.

LESER Cleanroom

The cleanroom at the LESER factory for safety valves in Hohenwestedt is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14644 and achieves cleanroom class 7 out of a total of 9. This roughly corresponds to US FED STD 209E class 10,000. And this is a remarkable value for valve production, as the higher classes are almost exclusively used in electronics or chip production.