LESER Digital ID One scan, all information
Safety valves from LESER

Paperless and digital into the future

The "LESER Digital ID" provides access to the digital information of a safety valve, quickly and directly on the valve. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel tag with a lasered QR code provides access to all digital information of the LESER Safety Valve.

These are the advantages with the Digital ID:

  • Fast and direct access to all relevant information directly on the valve
  • Access to valve data and documentation at any time and any place
  • Simple digital capture of the information
  • No more searching and typing of data

You have now an inquiry for LESER Safety Valves with the Digital ID, or further questions.


You have already installed LESER Safety Valves and would like to use the advantages of the LESER Digital ID?

The Digital ID is available for new safety valves, but also for already installed safety valves. Simply order the LESER Digital ID, scan it and enter the data of the LESER safety valve to be linked. Finally, attach the Digital ID securely to the valve and all information is available directly on the valve.

Retrofit Digital ID

Do you need a service partner who can retrofit the Digital ID for you? Here you can find your LESER authorized repair centre LARC.


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