Safety instructions LESER Training Box
safety instruction

Safety and warning instructions

  • The use of the LESER training box is only allowed during the live online training together with the technical trainer.  
  • Follow the trainer's instructions for action.
  • Safety and warning instructions must be observed. Improper use may result in injury and/or property damage.
  • The safety valve is not approved. The manufacturer's liability is excluded. The single parts are not to be used in a plant.

Protective equipment

Before removing the single parts of the safety valve from the box, please put on the enclosed protective gloves.

 Lifting and carrying 

The housing, spring hood, cap and base have a high weight. Make sure that the parts are placed on a firm and level surface to prevent them from falling down.

Make sure that the single parts of the training box are lifted and carried carefully.

Sharp edges and burrs 

Handle all single parts with care. They may have sharp edges and burrs.

Among the small parts is the graphite sealing ring, which is particularly sharp-edged and can cause cuts. For this reason, safety gloves must be worn.


Risk of crushing on moving parts

Please be aware that crushing may occur during assembly/disassembly and when using the lifting device and spindle guide.

Dangers for children

Do not leave children unattended with the LESER Training Box. The scope of delivery contains small parts that can be swallowed. There is a risk of suffocation. 

The product is not a play device. The product can fall over. Injuries and/or material damage may result. Make sure that the product is placed on a firm and level surface.