LESER Safety Valves - Night scene BP Lingen
BP refinery in Lingen at night

How high quality reduces maintenance costs at the BP refinery in Lingen

In 2014, LESER delivered to the BP refinery in Lingen (Germany) spring-loaded safety valves of the product groups API and Compact Performance, but also eight pilot operated safety valves (POSV) up to size 8T10.

After five years in operation, the first maintenance of the POSV was carried out by the service company Etabo. It is important that maintenance is carried out carefully and in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, so that production can subsequently run smoothly again. Nevertheless, the maintenance time should be as short as possible, because servicing on safety valves means costly plant downtime.

Etabo's maintenance staff were surprised by the good condition of the safety valves. "From the inside, they looked as if they had just been installed," said Markus Heppner, Etabo branch manager in Lingen, "We know this from other valves of this type in a different way - but with the same service life."

Read the complete interview with Markus Heppner and learn about the factors that enable maintenance to be carried out quickly, reduce costs and thereby increase customer satisfaction.

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