Visual interactive Inspection
Visual inspection: The LESER inspection assistant executes a visual inspection

Visual interactive Inspection: Visual acceptance reduces effort and costs

LESER tests an interactive procedure for the visual performance of inspections. The aim is to reduce the sometimes considerable customer effort.

Several parties are involved in a large number of orders received by LESER. In the case of an inspection, these are each represented by one or more inspectors who monitor the valve tests. For customers, this means considerable personnel and travel costs.

The infrastructure that has now been created visualises the inspections. This is done with the help of video glasses as a live video stream. The LESER inspection assistant carries out the inspections at the Hohenwestedt plant, while the inspectors can view and trace the individual work steps from other locations. Thanks to audio conferences and chat functions, the inspectors can communicate with the LESER employee.

The first test with a major Brazilian customer was successful and provided valuable information to further improve the technology and adapt it to customer requirements. Other interested customers are now connected to the system.

LESER plans to offer the service "Visual interactive Inspection" to all customers starting this autumn.