Project business
Project business

Projects have special requirements - LESER develops an individual solution concept just for you.

One of the world's leading companies in the field of safety valves, to which world market leaders from the oil & gas industry also entrust their projects.

A broad product portfolio with over 2 million configuration options with all approvals and certificates for all international markets.

Continuous support of your project throughout all project phases to ensure transparent and timely project implementation.

Flexible project implementation and the possibility to monitor your project at our customer acceptance center.

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1. Inquiry and quotation

  1. With over 600 AVL entries with customers worldwide, LESER is the right partner for projects of any size 
  2. Already in the early project phases, LESER supports you with technical advice and helps you to find the technically best overpressure protection for your objectives. As a result, you achieve higher efficiency for your plant without delays in later implementation due to technical uncertainties or cost increases.
  3. A worldwide network of LESER subsidiaries with their own technical consultants on site guarantees fast and uncomplicated implementation. Even with many international participants.
  4. These are the prerequisites for an offer according to your specifications and without deviations.

2. Project initialization

  1. LESER's professional environment enables the implementation of even large and demanding projects.
  2. Individual special solutions or new technical developments are made possible by the 12-member Engineered Order Management Team.
  3. One of 10 LESER Project Managers immediately takes over the processing and is personally available to you for all questions.

3. Documentation

  1. LESER understands the project business and your customers' requirements.
  2. Since the delivery of documentation is as important as the product itself, your supplier must demonstrate expertise in both performing specific acceptance tests and preparing custom paperwork.
  3. A separate customer inspection area allows comprehensive inspection capabilities to perform and document individual inspection requirements.

4. Production

  1. Whether your project can be served from our extensive warehouse capacity, or large quantities of raw materials need to be procured for you, each safety valve will pass through the LESER Inspection & Test Plan agreed with you.
  2. Sufficient logistics space is available in our own project assembly line, even for large projects. Extensive testing capabilities with flexible and mobile equipment shorten logistics routes. As agreed in the ITP, LESER performs the acceptance test:  LESER for you, in the presence of an inspection representative or via remote inspection.
  3. LESER has the fitting solution.

5. Delivery

With the safe delivery of the safety valves and the associated documentation at the agreed time and in the form required by the project conditions on site, nothing more stands in the way of punctual project completion.

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