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Regional competence centres

LESER manufactures in Germany, India, and China. Our worldwide sales and partner network consists of specialized teams for day-to-day and project business in more than 100 countries. LESER advises you on the selection and design of the appropriate safety valve. The network's support covers the entire life cycle of the safety valve, including repair and maintenance. Our subsidiaries form the regional competence centers and are the direct contact for customers and sales partners in the region.

LESER Kontor

Hamburg / Germany

LESER's headquarters have been located on Hamburg's Wendenstraße since 1914. The LESER Kontor was completely rebuilt at this location in 2016. In addition to the administration, the technical heart of the company beats here. Customers can experience LESER safety valves live: on the test lab, in the LESER chatroom and the experienceLESER customer training rooms, in the Museum 1818 and in the interactive product exhibition.

LESER Kontor

LESER Hohenwestedt

Hohenwestedt / Germany

With its capacity of 130,000 valves per year, the LESER plant in Hohenwestedt is the largest production site for safety valves in Europe. There is no machine older than
five years old. The stock of 4.4 million euros in raw material and 8 million euros in parts ensures 80% product availability from stock. Parallel to series assembly, the separate project line with assembly and acceptance centre delivers individual large-scale projects all over the world. 



Tanjin / China

LESER China in Tianjin produces locally for the Chinese market with the same quality as in Germany. The localised safety valves cover 90% of China's industrial demand. LESER sales offices and partner network ensure regional customer proximity throughout China. 



Mumbai / India

LESER India manufactures and sells safety valves for the regional Indian market and serves OEMs, EPCs and end customers. LESER India is the competent partner in this region. The modern production in Paithan guarantees short and reliable delivery times. The sales organisation in Mumbai offers its customers an efficient and competent service.


LESER North America

Charlotte, NC / USA

LESER US supplies representatives, dealers and end customers in North America. This subsidiary offers on-site manufacturer expertise for all your commercial and technical questions. LESER US stocks 7 million USD worth of safety valves and spare parts at its location in Charlotte, NC. This allows LESER US to deliver safety valves and spare parts from the regional warehouse within one week or, in emergencies, on the same day.

Leser North America

LESER Brazil

Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

LESER's first subsidiary distributes LESER products throughout Brazil through a network of distribution partners. With the largest stock of safety valves in Latin America, LESER Brazil guarantees short and reliable delivery times. For the local project business, LESER is available with support and technical consulting, project handling up to the stock with color coating according to customer specifications and a local test center, everything is on site in Brazil. This puts LESER Brazil in a position to handle even demanding ITPs (Inspection and Test Plans) on site. on site. With a distributor and LARC network for the industrial markets, LESER LESER Brazil covers almost all aspects of safety valve service in the country. 

LESER Brazil

LESER Latin America

Latin America

With 11.000 kilometers from north to south and 18 countries, the Spanish speaking Latin America is one of the biggest economical regions of the world. Since 2004, LESER build-up a sales and service partner network in this extensive region. Today, LESER is represented in all industries 20 sales and service partners supported by four nativespeaking Sales Market Developers and around. With this network LESER provides local support with technical consulting and short delivery times to the market.

LESER Latin America

LESER France

Toulouse / France

As a strong partner for safety valves, LESER France supplies all customer groups and industries in France. With its regional warehouse, LESER France offers its customers short and reliable delivery times. An extensive sales network and competent on-site advice offer customer-oriented service for all aspects of safety valves.


LESER South East Asia


LESER Singapore is the regional contact for customers and sales partners in Southeast Asia. Experienced safety valve specialists and a dense sales and service network is available for customers in Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. Integrated SAP processes and a warehouse with almost 1,000 safety valves guarantee short and reliable delivery times.

LESER South East Asia

LESER Middle East

Manama / Kingdom of Bahrain

LESER Bahrain was established in 2008 to support and develop the Middle East and associated regional markets. The office supports its partners in the region in technical and commercial matters. The workshop set up by our regional partner Binzagr in Saudi Arabia supplies safety valves with short and reliable delivery times.

LESER Middle East

LESER Poland


LESER has been present on the Polish market for many years. LESER Poland was established in Poland to strengthen and expand contacts with customers. Today LESER Poland offers its customers a full range of services related to the selection, adjustment, maintenance and repair of safety valves.

LESER Poland
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