The new LESER cleanroom is in operation

The new cleanroom at the LESER factory for safety valves in Hohenwestedt has been put into operation. In the final certification, it achieved cleanroom class 7 of a total of 9 defined in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644. This is roughly equivalent to US FED STD 209E Class 10,000. For valve production, this is a remarkable value, since the higher classes are used almost exclusively in electronics or chip production.  

Cleanroom in Hohenwestedt (Germany)

After a separate logistics and cleanliness airlock, one enters the actual cleanroom. Here, each work material is specially cleaned and marked with a yellow sticker. The ultrasonic washing system directly connected to the clean room supplies the six assembly and test benches with valve components from the finished parts warehouse. Between three and six employees per shift work on the assembly of safety valves. An integrated low-floor test bench for large valves and a special test bench for the LESER Change-over Valve enable the assembly of the entire LESER product range. In the integrated UV-light test cabin, the purity of the components can finally be verified. Here even very small impurities become visible. 

The option oil and grease free is mandatory in air separation plants, or in almost all types of oxygen processes. In addition, pharmaceutical processes or polysilicon plants require oil and grease free fittings. The main difference is the possible consequence of unwanted oil or grease in the process. In applications such as food processing and pharmaceutical, possible contamination will result in a non-conforming product. In oxygen processes, an explosion or fire could possibly occur.

LESER Oil and Grease free
Information of option codes (Click for bigger display)

The LESER concept covers all these requirements. Option code J85 is for the basic market requirements for cleanliness and testing. J92 is the package for higher requirements. Option code N7D is the oxygen package with further material and lubricant adjustments and also includes J92 for cleanliness and testing.

These options were previously implemented at LESER, with an integrated assembly into the manufacturing process. Achieving the required cleanliness results was also guaranteed here, was regularly proven and audited several times by customers.


However, the new LESER cleanroom enables a more efficient operation and the assembly of larger quantities. The ever-increasing demand and LESERs increased sales commitment in the field of technical gases can thus be better served. In the course of the year, further innovations will follow at LESER for the area of technical gases. We will inform you accordingly.