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Delivery of the major project Amur during the Corona crisis with the help of LESER Remote Inspection

"Everything went according to plan in SAP PS" says LESER project manager Wolfgang Koller. 375 safety valves of the third project package were manufactured, tested and documented exactly according to customer specifications. The invitation to the inspection had already been sent to Linde.  But suddenly there were no more trips from the customer, inspection office or Linde to LESER. The worldwide Corona Pandemic had reached Europe after the first focus in Asia and suddenly jeopardized the timely delivery of the Amur natural gas processing project.

LESER had already carried out the first acceptance tests for petrochemical projects in Brazil in the previous year using the LESER Remote Inspection service in purely digital form. This saved customer representatives from having to travel to the German plant in Hohenwestedt. With the Corona Pandemic, the reason for a digital acceptance was now a different one, but the infrastructure set up could be used equally well.

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Linde is one of the leading companies in Germany in the field of digitalization and also has an app  digital solution for carrying out inspections available. Due to the high quality and integrated concept of LESER Remote Inspection, Linde decided together with LESER to use the LESER solution for the upcoming acceptance.

"The deadline was already set and then the preparatory work was done in our Inspection Center," says LESER Inspection Manager Magnus Borowsky. "Everything had to be perfectly prepared, because with the glasses on your head you always have the eye of the customer and you can't prepare any further tests in the background or answer any questions that might arise in addition to the acceptance. Questions from the inspectors are best answered in advance or afterwards. 

Thanks to good coordination between Linde and LESER, the inspection was able to take place at the planned time and within the planned time frame. The safety valves were ready for delivery to the site on time, so the plant could be safely put into operation.

The LESER Remote Inspection is only one part of the LESER digitalization strategy, which provides services around the safety valve to customers independent of location and time. 

With the introduction of the Digital ID, the digital nameplate on the safety valve, customers are offered a further step towards digitalization of LESER products.  

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