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LESER Training Break Russia

Due to the pandemic most of us have faced significant travel restrictions last year. On the one hand, it has released some extra capacity of outside sales teams, which, staying into the office, has converted into additional inside sales support. On the other hand, it was evident, that lack of business visits could and should at least partially being replaced by online marketing activities. 

The recent story of the successful LESER Training Break in English and German in mind, Head of Division Europe Jörg Sasse offered to make a series of webinars in Russian. 

In the recent years several important activities took place in the Russian market:

  • opening a representation in Moscow in 2016,
  • announcment of two LARCs in 2017/2018,
  • appointing two new Sales Partners in 2018/2019,
  • translating of the LESER website into Russian language in 2020.

In addition to that the LESER Training Break Russia is the next step in this line of activities to increase the local brand recognition and generate further sales.

After a short but intense period of preparation the first webinar took place on March 2nd. The first topic presented by Alexander Guriyanov was “Spring Loaded Safety Valves”. In total LESER has collected 100 registrations and 64 live participants.

The second and third webinar conducted within a two week time period created similar figures.

This can be outlined as a promising success to establish a direct and sustainable contact to the customers in the Russian market.

With the topic “Inlet pressure drop and Change-over Valves” there is still one webinar to come. As this topic is very important to the Russian market all members of the experienceLESER Team hope on good results and continue working for it. 

These preliminary results show that the cooperation between Local Sales and LESER Marketing on developing a new format for local language campaign is working.
 “The potential in terms of generating new sales contacts and raising brand awareness is enormous”, says Head of Moscow Representation Alexander Pavlyuchikov. 


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