Training 2 | Maintenance, servicing and repair
Training 2
LESER-safety valve  Seminar 2_Teaser

Knowledge modules

T01 - Funktion of safety valves in the plant

  • Basics of overpressure protection with safety devices
  • Overpressure scenarios, terms and definitions according to codes and standards  
  • Practical introduction to the Parts on the safety valve 
  • Function of spring-loaded and pilot-operated safety valves as well as the supplemantery loadind system
  • Back pressure
  • Inlet pressure loss
  • Installation and installation position

T02 - LESER Chatroom Demonstration

Demonstration with air  

  • Safety valve funtion based on the lift-presure diagram of spring-loaded and pilot-operated safety valves and the supplementary loading system
  • Effects of built-up and superimposed backpressure and introduction of product solutions
  • Effect of exceeding the 3% inlet pressure loss criteria

T05 – Maintennce and repair of safety valves

  • Maintenance intervals 
  • Function test in the plant 
  • Informationen, instructions and guidance on maintenance  
  • Maintenance Process
  • Workshops and necessary equipment  
  • Troubleshooting and fixing
  • Web services (spare part finder, pressure change, certificates)


T06 – Maintenance - Hands-on Training

  • Maintenance on spring-loaded and pilot-operated safety valves
  • Disassembly and cleaning of the parts 
  • Spare parts ordering including spare parts kits
  • Rework disc and seat
  • Selection of the correct spring for pressure change   
  • Assembly with torque consideration
  • Adjustment of the cold differential test pressure
  • Various tightness tests according to international standards


T09 – The Company

  • The Company - You entry into the world of  LESER 
  • LESER Kontor Tour
    • LESER Museum 1818 Chatroom, 
    • Chatroom, the demonstration facility
    • Product exhibition
  • Presentation of the test lab
  • Virtual factory tour Hohenwestedt
  • Optionale factory tour in Hohenwestedt 

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