Valves and Safety Valves
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Válvula pequena
Miniature Valve

Miniature Valves

Until the 70s, the miniature hot steam forged valves were manufactured in countless variants.

On exhibition here are two miniature valves with R1/2" male thread and R3/4" female thread. A male thread describes the external thread and a female thread the internal thread.

Miniature Valve
Válvula de refrigerante
Refrigerant Valve

Refrigerant Valves

In the past, refrigerant valves like this special valve with a nominal diameter of 50 were manufactured.

This refrigerant valve with hard lead seal was a special design for the Bergedorf Eisenwerke.

Válvula de assento com ângulo ácido
Acid-resistant Angle Seat Valve

Acid-resistant Angle Seat Valves

The acid-resistant angle seat valves symbolise the entry into the chemical industry, for which LESER today supplies safety specialities.

Válvulas de alimentação Gunmetal
Double Red Brass Feed Valve

Double Red Brass Feed Valves

The impressive double red brass feed valve, like the injector shown above, was "grabbed" by Leser a few houses away during the demolition of the Deback boiler plant.

Válvula redutora de pressão
Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure Reducing Valves

The pressure reducing valve type 612 is designed to reduce steam from a high pressure (upstream pressure) to a low pressure (downstream pressure). Pressure reduction is achieved by throttling of the inlet flow at the valve seat by variation of the flow area between seat and disc.

The downstream pressure which is transmitted by the impulse line to the diaphragm counteracts the spring force acting on the valve spindle. Thereby the valve opening corresponds to the spring setting and the required downstream pressure will be obtained. The downstream pressure when set is independent of variations of upstream pressure and also of variation of flow and remains constant.

System Layout with Pressure Reducing Valve Type 612:

Pressure Reducing Valve

Válvula de fechamento rápido Mola
Spring-loaded Quickaction Stop Valve

Spring-loaded Quickaction Stop Valves

Leser produced quick-action stop valves until the end of the 60s, perhaps even into the 70s. Many parts of the safety valve production of that time were used. The pawl could be released via a cable pull and the valve could be closed via the built-in spring. These valves were used as fast closing and distance operated shut-off valves when filling tanks.

Válvula Mola Segurança  simples
Single-port Springloaded Safety Valve

Single-port Springloaded Safety Valves

The single spring safety valve - open design was returned to Leser by Linde in 1979. The valve was in continuous operation for more than 20 years on a two-crank, six-stage high-pressure compressor for 2,200 m³ of air.

Jet Valvula de Segurança com Abertura Total
Full-lift Nozzle-type Safety Valve

Full-lift Nozzle-type Safety Valves

A former exhibit of a nozzle full-lift safety valve with a body made of heat-resistant cast steel.

Spring-loaded Safety Valves

High Pressure Safety Valves

Válvula de segurança de mola de elevação total orgânica
FOOD QUALITY Full-lift Springloaded Safety Valve

FOOD QUALITY Full-lift Springloaded Safety Valves

Type 448
Production time period from around 1983 to 2002
Connections Tri-Clamp flange – COCO

Data sheet type 448:

FOOD QUALITY Full-lift Springloaded Safety Valve
Válvula de segurança de mola dupla
Double Springloaded Safety Valve

Double Springloaded Safety Valves

The double springloaded safety valve was used to protect the pressure of a ship's boiler of the tugboat Woltman.

The tugboat WOLTMAN was built in 1904 at the shipyard of the Sachsenberg brothers in Rosslau an der Elbe on the order of Strom- und Hafenbau for the financial deputation in Hamburg.

Today it is the last sea-going tugboat with steam drive and a coal-fired boiler in Germany.

Historical pictures of the tugboat Woltman:

Ship Woltmann

Ship Woltmann

Source pictures:

Double Springloaded Safety Valve

Através de válvula de segurança proporcional
Spring-loaded In-Line Relief Valve

Spring-loaded In-Line Relief Valves

Type 5341.1792
Production time period 1981 to 2016

As a result of adjustments to the product range, Types 532 and 534 were discontinued when CE approval expired on 31 October 2016. Due to the special design, there was no direct product alternative.

Official statement of production stop:

Spring-loaded In- Line Relief Valve