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The Pilot Operated Safety Valve for high pressures takes important hurdle


The new LESER Pilot Operated Safety Valve for high pressures has passed tests at set pressures up to 610 bar.

Prior to this, the project team led by project manager Oliver Brommer spent almost a year and a half working on the further development of the pilot operated safety valve for high pressures. "Digital tools, such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEM (Finite Element Method), coupled with the practical experience gained from 1.5 million safety valves in operation, form the basis for this new development," explains Oliver Brommer. "But simulations are always subject to assumptions, which is why we don't just rely on digital ways of working in our development, but also test under real conditions to prove the function."

And so the team tested the new valve at the specialist for high-pressure pumps, URACA. The set pressure, modulation and performance of the pilot in interaction with the main valve at over 600 bar pressure were tested. All safety valve test labs reach their limits under these conditions.

The results are now being evaluated in detail and verified in further tests.