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Modern production for high quality

LESER uses modern technologies to manufacture safety valves precisely and in high quality.

LESER safety valves are produced at the Hohenwestedt plant, which is, with a capacity of 130,000 valves per year, the largest production site for safety valves in Europe. In addition, LESER manufactures in Paithan/India and Tianjin/China for the respective local markets.

Prefabrication and assembly are largely carried out on automated production lines. Through this process, LESER ensures the consistently high quality standard of the products, regardless of whether it is a series component or an individual production of your choice.

LESER invests continuously in processes and new technologies. Our customers will benefit from this, as the following examples show:

  • Modern machining concepts enable efficient production processes and high, consistent quality. The valve bodies, for example, are machined on five-axis machining centers. This saves time and the seat is optimally adjusted - the basic requirement for a high seat tightness.
  • Raw materials and components for the safety valves are usually in stock at LESER. As a result, LESER can produce 75 % of its safety valves according to the "Assemble to Order" principle and thus deliver very quickly and reliably.
  • Precision is the condition for stable and reliable safety valves. With seats and discs, LESER achieves surface roughness of Ra< 1µm through a special lapping process. This is another foundation stone for the high seat tightness and LESER quality.
  • An essential feature is the integrated quality assurance. A LESER safety valve undergoes 35 tests before it is delivered. The test results are recorded digitally within the various process steps. This ensures stable process quality and the recorded test results are used for automated documentation generation.
  • A separate area for processing project orders enables customer-specific acceptance procedures. For example, the tests carried out during assembly can be repeated in front of the customer

LESER production is the benchmark for quality and flexibility with short delivery times.

Production in India

LESER India has all the detailed knowledge and modern technology required for producing high quality safety valves. LESER safety valves are manufactured in the Paithan factory, which has an annual capacity of 30,000 valves. In the past two years, LESER India has invested in new processes and technologies. The facilities have been equipped with modern HMC, CNC and drilling machines.

Assembly of safety valvesThrough optimized production processes from incoming goods, machining, final assembly and testing, to painting and dispatch, LESER India guarantees a consistent and high-quality product standard. Every major component of a valve is manufactured in-house.

LESER India production stands for a high level of flexibility and quality with short delivery times to best serve its customers in India.
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