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LESER safety valves for the Food and Beverage Industry

Sustainable safety for our food and beverages

A globally growing population must also be supplied with safe food on a sustainable basis in the future. Your goal is to improve the quality of life of your customers in a healthier future.
The sustainable availability of raw materials and the requirements for the safety and quality of your products are becoming increasingly important. For this you need reliable and qualified suppliers who support your sustainability concept. These must enable the stability of the production processes and guarantee the cleanliness of the medium in order to ensure the purity of all our foodstuffs. The processes in the food industry require safety valves with a variety of materials and sizes. The core processes for the end product in particular require special valves that offer simple process integration with the option of cleaning (CIP) or sterilisation (SIP). Safety valves for these particularly clean applications must prevent contamination from outside. 

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The LESER Advantage

With the Clean Service series, LESER offers safety valves that meet the high requirements of the food industry. The low dead space and the gap-free internal construction guarantee a high degree of cleanliness. The valves can be opened automatically during the cleaning process with the existing pneumatic lift. Surface packages according to ASME BPE and DIN 11866 with high surface quality and FDA-compliant elastomers enable clean processes.
Safety valves for all applications and comprehensive documentation with short delivery times round off the product range.
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