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experienceLESER Update - How was 2021 and what's new in 2022?

In the 2021 training year, experienceLESER offered 30 training courses and online seminars, reaching over 1,600 participants. Whether in basic, maintenance, sizingtraining, topic-specific online seminars or in-house training at the customer's site, the feedback from participants was consistently positive.

In order to establish the practical relevance also in the live online trainings, the LESER Training Box was developed as a fixed component of the trainings in addition to the transmission of live demonstrations from the LESER Chatroom. The training box contains the individual components of a safety valve and is sent to the participants in advance of the training sessions. This way, the components of a safety valve can also be learned from the office or home office and each participant can assemble the safety valve live together with the trainer.

And what's next?

For the new year 2022, experienceLESER has already noted 50 dates for the presence, live online trainings and online seminars in the calendar. As a special highlight of the standard trainings is also this year the LESER Training Box. And not only in customer trainings, but also in the induction program for new employees. The box already proved its worth in the first induction program this year, in which many participants still took part online due to the pandemic. Thanks to the direct practical relevance, the new employees had a good introduction to the company and thus started their way to becoming safety valve experts.

The content also continues. We are continuously working on improving the training courses to make them even more practice-oriented and to actively involve the participants. During the course of the year, the LESER Chatroom will offer the possibility of further demonstrations such as responding to water or the presentation of Clean Service valves. The assembly tables for maintenance training will be completed so that hands-on maintenance of spring-loaded and pilot-operated safety valves can be learned there.

By expanding the trainings with the new online courses Basics and Maintenance, everyone can expand their knowledge independent of location and time in addition to the standard trainings.