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Experience LESER trainings

The technical trainings at LESER are planned and carried out by the experience LESER team. But what can you expect and who is behind the trainings? Learn more about the trainings, get to know the trainer team and find the right training for you in 2022.

What makes the trainings at LESER so special

What makes LESER different is the motto for the training courses at LESER . Interactive and with a high practical part you will learn the basics or deepen your knowledge on the topic of safety valves .

The basis is the LESER Chatroom, the demonstration system in the LESER Kontor. With the system, the theoretically learned knowledge can be used directly in practice. This is because the content discussed can be demonstrated live using examples.

A specially set-up media system visualizes the behavior of the Safetys valves . In addition, it makes it possible to easily convey theoretical content with animations and videos, and even to conduct the training sessions as online events.

In addition, the chat room has fully equipped maintenance tables where you can assemble and disassemble the Safetys valves that you know from your operation. Practical exercises are thus the focus of the maintenance training sessions.

Get an impression of the LESER chatroom:

watch the video

Training formats

LESER offers you the trainings in different formats. You have the choice of which learning format is right for you:

• Attend the face-to-face training in Hamburg
• Take part in the Live Online Training
• Complete an online course

Live Online Training is a special feature. You receive a training box at your location and are connected live to the LESER Chatroom. This gives you the opportunity to assemble safety valves together in your home office, workshop or office and get to know the individual components.

New training dates - register now!

experienceLESER offers you basic training, maintenance training with hands-on training and expert training with sizing know-how. You decide in which area you would like to expand your safety valve expertise and in which training format.

A total of 28 dates are available this year. Register for a training course that is tailored to your needs.

You would like an individual training in Hamburg or at your location? That is also possible. Contact us! experience@leser.com

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Trainer team

Behind experienceLESER are three experienced trainers who have specialized in their respective fields.

Do you have questions about the technical trainings?
Get in touch with the trainer team: experience@marketing.com

Marc Oerding

“I have been working in the training sector since experienceLESER was established and have been working for the company LESER for 10 years. The common target of sharing knowledge in the field of overpressure protection with safety valves worldwide gives me pleasure every day. Due to the education as a certified trainer, we can guarantee a high level of training and certification standard to our customers. The best part of this job is that I always exchange experiences with different people and personalities, so no training day is like another.”

Iris Nachtigal

"I have 16 years of safety valve experience at LESER, including a long time in product management. I would like to pass on my knowledge about safety valves and am looking forward to using the great training facilities such as the LESER Chatroom and the possibility of online training for this purpose".

Sven Lüdke

"I have only been supporting the trainer team since December, but I already have experience as a technical trainer in the field of mechanical and vehicle engineering. Now I'm looking forward to conducting the first training sessions next year."