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Best Availability Safety Valve from LESER

Additional products for higher plant availability

Change-over valve in combination with safety valves

  • Most economical solution for redundant protection
  • Flow-optimized design for minimal inlet pressure loss
  • Modular system for adaptation to required connection diameters and pressure stages
  • Robust and maintenance-free design and simple changeover
  • Short delivery times synchronized with the safety valves
  • Complete, coordinated combination of one supplier with qualified resistance coefficients

Bursting discs with safety valves in combination

  • Tight up to the set pressure
  • Protection of the safety valve against corrosion and sticking
  • Component-tested combination of safety valve and bursting disc: Compliance with the 3% criterion - no consideration of the bursting disc in the sizing process


LESER Change-over valves are designed, marked, produced and approved according to the requirements of the following regulations:

  • LESER CE Approvel
  • LESER EAC Approvel
  • LESER CRN Approvel

Valve Types

Type 320 Flow

Change-over valve casted

DN 25 - DN 300 (1'' - 12'' )

Type 330 Compact

Change-over valves casted

DN 25 - DN 400 (NPS 1'' - NPS 16")

Bursting discs

Safety valve - Bursting-disc combination

DN 25 - DN 150 (1" - 6")

Technical data change-over valve

Nominal Diameter at Inlet
DN 25 - DN 100 | 1" - 4"
Temperature (in accordance with DIN EN)
-273°C to +450°C | -459°F to +842°F
Body Material
1.0619, 1.4408 |WCB/WCC, LCB, CF8M
Valve Connection
Flange in accordance with DIN EN 1092-1 and ASME B 16.5

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Case Study

Change-over Valve as great support for continuous production


Chemical plant / Hydrogen peroxide production

LESER Solution:

API and Best Availability

Customer since:


Quantity of Valves Supplied:

100 change-over and safety valves. Continuous optimization of the plant since 2008.

The Challenge
ARKEMA is operating its plant in a non-stop mode requiring a high level of availability of the equipments as utilities devices as compressed air tanks. To allow high availability of its plant, ARKEMA decided to go for LESER’s new Changeover Valves.

Why did the customer choose LESER products?
For ARKEMA, quality and reliability are the most important decision criteria to decide on Safety Valves and Change-over Valves.
More efficient plant operation with LESER Change-over Valves
The LESER Change-over Valve Type 330 and 320 offers the solution for safe and efficient system availability 24 / 7. It is easy to operate and, in combination with safety valves, provides permanent protection for a permanently running system.

With the help of flow tests and CFD simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics), a flow-optimized design with minimal pressure loss was developed. Each configuration of these change-over valves has a specified resistance coefficient that enables reliable and precise calculation of the inlet loss. Due to their durable construction, these change-over valves are maintenance-free and lavishly tested. They are the economical solution because an optimal selection can be made for every application.

About the customer

ARKEMA is one of the leading hydrogen peroxide producers in the world. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used in different concentrations as example for food packaging sterilization. The plant in Shanghai was established in 2000, and expanded in 2008.
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Technical data bursting disc

Nominal Diameter at Inlet
DN 25 - DN 150 | 1" - 6"
-30°C to +550°C | -22°F to +1022°F (depending on the material)
Valve Connection
Flange in accordance with DIN EN 1092-1 and ASME B 16.5
Material bursting element
1.4404, 1.4435, Nickel, Inconel®, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Titan, Tantal | 316L, Nickel, Inconel®, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Titan, Tantal
Material sealing membrane
1.4401, Nickel, Inconel®, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Titan, Tantal | 316, Nickel, Inconel®, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Titan, Tantal
Material bursting disc carrier
1.4571, 1.4404, Hastelloy® C4, 1.4571 Tantal coated | 316Ti, 316L, Hastelloy® C4, 316Ti Tantal coated
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