Live Online Training | Sizing and calculation of safety valves
Live Online Training Sizing and calculation of safety valves
LESER Training - Sizing Seminar


Live Online Training: Sizing and calculation of safety valves

Training package
Use the training package from Training 1 (Basic Training Safety Valves) and Training 3 (Sizing and calculation of safety valves - Expert training) and get yourself the combined price of 1,050.00 € (Europe) / 1,150.00 € (non-Europe).

Live Online Training
Live Online Training combines the advantages of online and face-to-face trainings. It is streamed from the LESER Chatroom and performed according to the same standards as the face-to-face training. No matter from which location you participate - in the office, in the home office or in the workshop, in the practical part you even work on the safety valve yourself.


  • LESER will send you a training box with a LESER API safety valve. In the practical part of the training, you will learn about the individual parts, the design and the function of the safety valve
  • The trainer guides you live through all steps of a calculation and design to the "right" safety valve
  • The communication between the participants is ensured by a fixed number of participants. During the training you are connected live with our trainers and other participants, you can ask questions and share information with each other
  • With successful final examination you will receive a certificate

Be excited about our workshop together with the LESER Training Box.

If you have any questions about this training, please contact the experienceLESER team:


Knowledge modules

W07 - Sizing and selection based on overpressure scenarios

  • Selection of safety valves
    • Legal requirements
    • Calculation and sizing examples
    • Valve selection
  • Calculation with VALVESTAR
    • Structure and function of VALVESTAR
    • Project calculation
    • Documentation
  • Advanced sizing calculations
    • Back pressure and inlet pressure loss

W08 - Sizing and calculation based on special applications

  • Special calculations  
  • Sizing of high viscous media  
  • Sizing of the two-phase flow
  • Sizing of the fire case

W10 - The Company

  • Safety instruction
  • Locations, employees and sales
  • LESER Kontor Tour
    • LESER Museum 1818
    • LESER Chatroom, the demonstration facility
    • Product exhibition
  • Presentation of the test bench
  • Virtual factory tour Hohenwestedt

LESER Chatroom

Demonstration plant for overpressure protection with safety valves in the LESER Kontor in Hamburg, Germany. 


Training facts

1 Day

Trainings duration

Number of attendees


Training location

Training fee Europe incl. safety valve and shipping

Training fee non-Europe incl. safety valve and shipping