Live Online Training Sizing and calculation of safety valves - Expert training
LESER Training - Sizing Seminar

Live Online Training: Sizing and calculation of safety valves - Expert training

Select safety valves in technically complex plant situations. Use the VALVESTAR® sizing program to calculate back pressure, viscous media and two-phase flow using construction examples in compliance with legal requirements. The training is based on the "Basic Safety Valve Training".

Target group
This training is targeted to designers, plant engineers, product managers, experts for pipeline and valves and sales partners of LESER.

Training package
Use the training package from Training 1 (Basic Training Safety Valves) and Training 3 (Sizing and calculation of safety valves - Expert training) and get yourself the combined price of 1,050.00 € (Europe) / 1,150.00 € (non-Europe).

Live Online Training
Live Online Training combines the advantages of online and face-to-face trainings. It is streamed from the LESER Chatroom and performed according to the same standards as the face-to-face training. No matter from which location you participate - in the office, in the home office or in the workshop, in the practical part you even work on the safety valve yourself.


  • LESER will send you a training box with a LESER API safety valve. In the practical part of the training, you will learn about the individual parts, the design and the function of the safety valve
  • The trainer guides you live through all steps of a calculation and design to the "right" safety valve
  • The communication between the participants is ensured by a fixed number of participants. During the training you are connected live with our trainers and other participants, you can ask questions and share information with each other
  • With successful final examination you will receive a certificate

Be excited about our workshop together with the LESER Training Box.

If you have any questions about this training, please contact the experienceLESER team:

Training facts

1 Day

Trainings duration

Number of attendees


Training location

Training fee Europe incl. safety valve and shipping

Training fee non-Europe incl. safety valve and shipping


LESER Chatroom

Installation de démonstration pour la protection contre la surpression avec des soupapes de sécurité dans le Kontor LESER à Hambourg, en Allemagne.

Date Language Statut
13 oct. 2021 - 13 oct. 2021 English Réservé


Module 1 - Bienvenue à LESER

  • Bienvenue
  • Sécurité instruction
  • Chiffres clés
  • Visite de Kontor
  • Musée de LESER 1818
  • Introduction à la salle de discussion
  • Exposition Plaque de guidage de produits d Tour

Module 9 - Dimensionnement et calcul avancé

  • Sélection de soupape de sécurités
    • Exigences réglementaires
    • Calculs et conception exemples
    • Soupape sélection
  • Calcul avec VALVESTAR
    • Structure et fonction de VALVESTAR
    • Calcul du projet
    • Documentation
  • Calculs étendus dimensionnement
    • Contre-pression, Entrée perte de pression, ...

Module 10 - Dimensionnement et expert en calcul

  • Calculs spéciaux dimensionnement
    • Conception des médias visqueux
    • Conception de l'écoulement diphasique
    • Conception de l'affaire de l'incendie