Training 1

Training 1: Basic Training Safety Valves

Your entry into extensive safety valve know-how! The training offers the theoretical basics of safety valve technology: Overpressure protection, valve types and functions, regulatory principles and certification. You will learn the functional characteristics like set pressure, back pressure and inlet pressure loss. The function of safety valves is demonstrated live in the LESER Chatroom. This training is the basis for plant engineering or customer consulting with current knowledge in overpressure protection.


This training is targeted at operations and project engineers, product and project managers, designers, plant engineers, experts in piping and valves, and LESER sales partners. 


The training will be held in German language

Training facts

2.5 Days

Trainings duration

Training hours

Number of attendees

Training fee


Training location


LESER Chatroom

Demonstration plant for overpressure protection with safety valves in the LESER Kontor in Hamburg, Germany. 



Module 1 - Welcome to LESER

  • Welcome
  • Safety instruction
  • Key figures
  • LESER Museum 1818
  • Chatroom Introduction
  • Product Exhibition Guided Tour

Module 2 - LESER Overview

  • Overpressure Protection - Basics
  • Product Overview / Services
  • Virtual Factory Tour
    • Production Concept and Philosophy
    • Quality built in

Module 3 - Safety Valve Basics

  • Classification of product groups
  • Valve finder (suitable product group)
  • Additional equipment for individualisation
  • Tests
  • Approvals / Certifications
  • Certificates / Documentation
  • Web Services


Module 4 - Advanced LESER Product Guide

  • High Performance
  • API
  • High Efficiency
  • Compact Performance
  • Clean Service
  • Critical Service
  • Modulate Action
  • Best Availability
  • S & R

Module 5 A - Technical Knowledge

  • Function Characteristics
  • Set Pressure / Cold Differential Test Pressure
  • Tightness
  • Back pressure
  • Inlet pressure loss
  • Installation
  • Materials
  • Regulations
  • Testlab Presentation
  • Simple Sizing Calculations

Module 5 B - LESER Chatroom

  • Technical details
  • Demonstration 1: Basic valve functions
  • Demonstration 2: Back pressure
  • Demonstration 3: Inlet pressure loss with air
  • Demonstration 5: Horizontal and overhead installation